What Clients Say

Kate is a gifted facilitator who has walked beside me, guiding me into the rich, healing world of my own dreams and to a growing connection with the benevolent energies that I now feel and know are with me, guiding me toward wholeness through this experience we call life. I have received much more than I ever expected through this work with Kate. Her warm and caring, yet natural style has enabled me to feel fully supported in this deep and transformative work. Through her articulate facilitation she is painting an unfolding  picture of my psyche for me, as each aspect is opened up. I feel truly changed by this work, deeply and permanently and know there is more yet to come and I welcome it all. Kate's deep trust in the process through her own rich and deep journey of healing with this work has helped me feel held completely. I have searched many years for practitioners to help me heal the early childhood traumas I experienced that still impact on my life each day and I believe that this methodology is the most complete, wholistic, gentle process that I have found as we are being guided by divine forces, with Kate as the midwife. The shifts are happening gently yet surely. This is not a quick fix solution and that is  a good thing. I know after 35 years of searching they don't exist,  however there is a deep and lasting transformation possible through this work with Kate. A stepping into knowing and being rather than struggle and eternally searching. The search ends here.

~Megan, Australia

I embarked on the journey of Dreamwork with Kate several years ago and the effect the work has had on my inner and outer life has been astounding. Kate is a highly experienced and incredibly insightful Dreamworker with many years of training and practice behind her. To be clear, Dreamwork is not dream interpretation. With a trained Dreamworker you gain the ability to understand the very unique language of your dreams, an understanding I could not have come to on my own. With Kate's depth of knowledge she has helped me overcome very old traumas, breakthrough negative behaviour patterns and discover new ways to pursue a life full of purpose, wholeness and joy.

~ Alison, Brisbane