The psyche is deep and complex, holding untold layers of past experience. The Shadow self (in the Jungian sense) is basically a storage area for all that has been intentionally & unintentionally repressed by the egoic mind. Many restrictive patterns are deeply ingrained, particularly when trauma is present. Unconscious material awaits the right time and conditions to be embraced and integrated into the conscious self.  Dreams are a natural medicine which creates these 'right conditions'. As we journey through layers of adaption and wounding, our dreams offer deep support whilst revealing and integrating unconscious material at a pace and intensity specific to our individual need.

It's a surprising, humbling, loving and enlivening path… Consciousness is transformed, vital energies are restored and heart-felt desires are allowed new life and agency. Life becomes fuller and your place in it more natural.
If you are already engaged in a path of psycho-spiritual integration, or wish to amplify your inner work in any way, then Integrative Dreamwork could be a journey worth taking.

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